Experience in lobbying with the family

Ms. Kim Houng was graduated from Royal University Of Law and Economic (RULE), Major was Law. Ms. Kim Houng is the first daughter in her family. Her family has 4 Kids, one daughter and 3 sons which living at Takeo province.

She was forced to drop her education while she graduated at High school during 2007, at that time she was 19 years old. Her parents though that she is a woman, she is no need to get more higher education. She should stop and set up a small business at her community because her parents and relatives are doing a small business at her community.

But she herself; she don’t think like that she had tried to do lobbying with her family by saying that “I think men and women as the same so I should go to university and if you like to do the business I can do it after I finish the university. She had explained her parents that “If I can finish university I will know better than what you known and I can use my education from university to do a better business than what you do”. She also raised to her parents about her uncle had been finished university and got a better job with good benefit. Finally her parents agreed with her to continue her university. She came to Phnom Penh to make test in university and got scholarship at university…”. This made her family is very proud of her and she is a good role model and her hero for her relatives.

All her relative are women also can go to university after they finished their high school because of her model.

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