What are the alternatives that CYWEN is working on?

In October 2010, following a women’s empowerment process carried out in 2009 by JASS (Just Associates)[1], young Cambodian activists formed an alliance called the Cambodian Young Women’s Empowerment Network (CYWEN). It is composed of 30 young women members and a vast network consisting of hundreds of high school and college students, young professionals, and grassroots activists.

What is the vision and mission of CYWEN?

Vision: For Cambodian society to have young women who are full of self-confidence and ability to participate alongside men in decision-making processes for the country’s development.


  1. To challenge and advocate for a gender-fair social mindset and boost the self-confidence of young women by providing them the opportunity and encouragement to learn;
  2. To strengthen young women’s capabilities to get more social awareness, skills, and experiences; and
  3. To support and give opportunity to young women to build their initiative effectively through accessing their rights to decision-making in the family and in all spheres and institutions of Cambodian society.

What are the alternatives that CYWEN is working on?

CYWEN women are working together to strengthen young women’s leadership in Cambodia through various collective trainings and alternative actions using two main components to make sure that women can fully access information on women’s rights and attain real justice in society:

Building Leadership to be a Feminist Activist:

CYWEN has a long journey of enhancing and practicing feminist leadership and building young women’s movement in Cambodia. Over the years, CYWEN has held a series of trainings on movement building approach and feminist leadership to its members and networks through the facilitation of JASS Southeast Asia. These trainings include strategy development consultation and national consolidation workshop which serves as a space for CYWEN members to refresh and deepen contextual analysis using JASS’ power framework. In these spaces, CYWEN members assess where we are in terms of strengths, gaps, changes in our contexts, opportunities ahead; identify what we need to address the VAW in Cambodia; and define how we will move forward together.

 Breaking the Silence through Online and Offline Platforms:

CYWEN always gives a chance to all CYWEN members and network to show their feminist leadership in social media and event/campaign:

  • Social Media and Broadcast Media: CYWEN as resource speakers in various radio programs continue to make waves and raise women’s concerns, especially during special events or campaigns such as the International Women’s Day (IWD), One Billion Rising (OBR), and JASS’ regional campaign One Day, One Voice (ODOV) in Cambodia
  • Youth Campaign: CYWEN members serve as resource speakers during the International Women’s Day led by various youth clubs.
  • Workshop/ Training: CYWEN cooperates with other youth clubs in the country. CYWEN leads different training and workshops on gender and behavioural change using the popular education tool called the Master House.
  • Join Campaign: CYWEN joins civil society organizations and women’s NGOs which hold events like the International women Day (IWD), One Billion Raising (OBR), Labor Day (LD), Human Rights Day (HRD), and 16 Days of Activism to End Gender-Based Violence.

Strategy development consultation and national consolidation workshop in 25 and 26 June 2016

It was time that we collected our young feminist activist here and selected the new national coordinator of CYWEN. Here it is our new National Coordinator of CYWEN, NOY CHHORVIN. She is the great young woman who was elected by CYWEN members. She is also working at Open Institute (OI) to promote gender equality as well as women rights with some sectors like domestic workers and university students. Moreover, she have been inspired youth to engage in social volunteerism.

While CYWEN selected other 2 Deputy National coordinator, she is YIT SOPHORN and TENG VANNA.

Breaking the Silence through Online and Offline Platforms:

Social Media and Broadcast Media

Social media campaign is very vital mean to awareness rising, share the information and challenges against the negative social norm in social events. Social media and broadcast media is the good opportunity for Young Women member of CYWEN to learn and practice young feminist leadership as well.

Youth Campaign:

YIT SOPHORN, Deputy National Coordinator, CYWEN, while CHAN SOPHOAN, supporting group of CYWEN and program director of Beanteay Srey  saved as resource speaker in National forum in workshop on “behavioral change of negative mindset” during the International Women Day Campaign (IWD) with participant who come from Sub-National level, young women, youth club, and student from universities.

Workshop/ Training:

YIT SOPHORN and PIN MARIN lead the youth workshop twice in early this year with youth club of Khmer Youth Association (KYA) in Cambodia.

Join Campaign:

CYWEN member joined One Billion Rising, International Women Day Campaign with other Women NGOs, youth, and student in Cambodia this year.

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