About US

CYWEN was built

An alliance of 30 young Cambodian activists called the Cambodia Young Women Empowerment Network (CYWEN) was formed in October 2010 following a women’s empowerment process carried out in 2009 by JASS (Just Associates) – http://www.justassociates.org – an international and regional women’s rights organizing dedicated to strengthening the voice, visibility and collective organizing power of women. CYWEN women work together to strengthen young women’s leadership in Cambodia through various collective trainings and others actions. SILAKA/CPWP serves as JASS’ local partner and as the host organization for CWYEN.

Vision of CYWEN:

Cambodia Society has young women resource who full of self-confident, ability and valuable to participate with men in decision making process for country development.

Mission of CYWEN:

  • To build up self-confident of young women by providing them the opportunity and encouragement to learn for their own needs.
  • To assist pushing young women to get knowledge, skills, and experiences from the society.
  • To cause opportunity to the young women to show up their ability by effectively with the men in the social affair.

3 responses to “About US

  1. I will make network with single women ‘s association in south asia . how can i get your help . pls let me know .

  2. Dear CYWEN,
    I am the director of an NGO called the Harpswell Foundation, whose mission is to empower a new generation of women leaders in Cambodia. We have two leadership centers for women in Phnom Penh. I would like to meet you and see if we could work together. I will be in Phnom Penh
    June 6 – 17. My hand phone in Cambodia is 017 770 709.

    Alan Lightman
    Director, Harpswell Foundation
    Professor of Humanities, MIT (in the US)

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